Stay Safe this winter!

At WOC Energy, we take your safety seriously. This winter, take steps to keep propane your safe, reliable winter heating source.

Maintain an adequate supply of propane (at least 30%) in your tank. If you are not on our Automatic Delivery plan and you run out, let us know right away! We must check your system for leaks before turning the gas back on.

Weather Weather Safety Tips

When temperatures drop, it's important to remember these #propane safety tips. For more information, go to

Posted by Propane Education & Research Council on Friday, January 5, 2018

Keep the path to your propane tank clear. A clear path helps drivers get to your tank easily, fill it quickly, and move on to our next valued customer.

Allow your appliances to vent properly. If it is safe to do so, clear snow and ice away from outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues to prevent blocking any ventilation.

Clear snow and ice from around your propane tank. This includes regulators, regulator vents, piping, tubing, and valves. Use a broom, not a shovel, to prevent damage to your propane system components.

Deep Snow can Cause a BIG PROBLEM

Frequently check where snow or ice collect on your roof, structure, or nearby trees and clear it if you believe it might fall on any part of your propane system. Never shovel snow off roofs and onto propane equipment. This can cause damage.

Snow or ice accumulation can potentially cause parts of your propane system to crack or break, resulting in a gas leak. It is your responsibility to make sure that all propane pipes, valves, regulators, and tanks are clear of snow and ice. Gently brush away snow or ice that has accumulated around the tank, meter, regulator, and any other piping. Do this using a broom or by hand. If you notice any snow or ice buildup that cannot be removed easily, contact us immediately. DO NOT attempt to remove snow or ice by kicking or hitting equipment.

In high snowfall areas, drifting snow and/or snow and ice sliding off the roof may require additional regulator and vent protection. Consider installing snow protection or a “snow shelter” above your meter or regulator to prevent snow and ice damage.

Mark your tank with a brightly colored stake or flag taller than the maximum anticipated snow depth. Also, mark your secondary pressure regulator or meter. It is usually near the side of your home.

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